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Refractory, insulation and acid proofing solutions

Refractory Cement (Refractory Castables)

Refractory cement or Refractory Castable is a specially designed and mixed cement product that will withstand extremely high temperatures while maintaining its structural integrity. We have a wide variety of castables including Dense castables, insulation castables, coil coat cement, low cement castable, high alumina castable and other speciality cement. The following refractory castables available with us of calderys india refractories (formerly acc refractories) make. The castables are used for different applications based on temperature, setting time, strength and other requirments. Some of them are packaged with appropriately proportioned binders based on the setting requirement. All these castables when mixed with water will produce refractory concrete. Dense Castables They are used in the following places, foundry, rolling mill (small mill), forging , induction furnaces. These refractory castables use hydraulic setting and can be cast or molded to any shapes and can also suitably for furnace linings. They are available in various grades,
Whytheat A - Temp 1700 C Whytheat -K - Temp 1600 C Whytheat C - Temp 1500 C Firecrete Normal - Temp 1400 C Firecrete Super -Temp 1450 C However please talk to our inhouse engineer for selecting the right castable for your application.
Insulation Castable : It is used for insulation purpose mainly for aluminium melting furnace , boiler doors, back up layers instead of insulation bricks Insulyte 7 - 1100 C Insulyte 9 - 1200 C Insulyte 11- 1300 C Insulyte 13- 1350 C Coil Coat Cement; It is used in the induction furnace for coil coat purpose. This has got a very low iron content because it is used in a electrical coil coat. PCPF blocks These blocks are used in the rolling mill reheating furnace floor areas